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These cars were quite successful in rally and looked pretty rad on the road too. In 1983 when Group B started Audi lost the first round to the Lancia 037 Rally.

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Since then its inspired many imitations but no equal.

Audi quattro rally; It sold for almost 25million – a record highest fee paid for a. I made this video as a sort of tribute to one of the most incredible rally cars of all time the Audi Quattro Sport S1 Group B. Een van onze favoriete momenten uit seizoen 2 van de Grand Tour.

The Audi Quattro is a road and rally car produced by the German automobile manufacturer Audi part of the Volkswagen Group. Watch an 891-HP Audi Quattro S1 Rally Car Run a. The Audi Quattro changed rally when it entered the sport in 1980 but towards the mid-Eighties the competition was catching up.

This is my favorite car of all time the monstrous S1 the sound the speed is like no other. In the third round Portugal Audi took home a one-two finish and in the Safari Round second and third finish. Audi Ur-Quattro Audis first appearance of their Quattro AWD system and what a debut it was.

It was first shown at the 1980 Geneva Motor Show on 3 March. Thirty-five years ago Audi quattro became the first permanent all-wheel drive system for passenger cars. Audis response was the Sport Quattro a heavily modified version of.

With this car you have to think two corners ahead finding the correct balance between a decent pace and outright speed was a big challenge he fondly recalls. Rally ace Walter Roehrl who played an important role in the Sport quattro E2s testing and development describes it as one of the most intense machines he ever got to drive. How four-wheel-drive revolutionized the rally world how Michele Mouton put the fear of God into manhood and how Walter Roehrl made himself immortal in the Sport Quattro E2.

Hope you like it and dont f. Een blik op de epische strijd tussen de machtige Audi Quattro en de underdog Lancia 037 in h. The first and third places were the improved Quattro A1 machines.

I made this video tribute to one of my favorite rally cars of all time the Audi Quattro. And subsequently the trajectory of production car technology. Audi Quattro S1Rally Group B Best of SoundEventsArosa Classic Cars SwitzerlandQuattrolegende Austria.

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However in the second round Sweden the Quattro took home first to third places. Author John Davenport a former rally co-driver and team manager experienced that era at first hand and narrates – rally by rally – the complete history of the Audi Quattro. The Audi is the last of the legendary Quattro rally cars to ever be produced and is in exceptional condition for a racing machine.

Soon after its introduction as a prototype in 1980 the Audi quattro dominated rally venues around the world by sporting a hefty inline five-cylinder turbocharged engine paired with a revolutionary four-wheel drive system. Production continued through 1991. The Audi Quattro made its race debut in 1980 they treated the year as a development season to build up experience with the new all-wheel drive system.

In 1981 driver Michele Mouton became the first female driver to win a WRC rally driving an Audi Quattro. Hope you will like it Instagram. The Ur-Quattro is the genesis of the fast Audis we know and love today.

First introduced in 1981 the Audi Quattro would revolutionize rally racing. LCEs replica Audi Sport Quattro rally car is the perfect way to experience the peak of Group B Rally without the risk of damaging a piece of history. The first Quattro rally car debuted in 1980 and the S1 E2 was a 1985 update with more power improved power delivery and upgraded aerodynamics.

It was the first rally car to effectively and reliably use all-wheel drive and would go on to to be a benchmark for future cars fitted with such a drivetrain. It soon became the benchmark and a rally legend was born. Sure you could spend similar money on a used.

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Hva er i veien? Audi quattro rally! Å være midt i smørøyet.

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