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The statue measures 517 meters tall and it is a marble figure of the biblical hero named David. This famous work of art was created by Michelangelo a famous Italian artist.

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David marble sculpture executed from 1501 to 1504 by the Italian Renaissance artist Michelangelo.

Statue of david; Top Collection Large 1975 Inch Tall Michelangelos David Statue Sculpture. When the Opera del Duomo first commissioned the statue its location was intended for the Cathedral of Florence. It is a 140 ft marble statue depicting the Biblical hero David represented as a standing male nude.

This David was sculpted in marble and is quite traditional. Premium Resin – White Marble Finish. The statue is more-or-less life sized at just over 6 feet.

The colossal and authentic 17-foot-tall Statue of David is currently located in the Accademia Gallery though its original home was the Piazza della Signoria. The statue was commissioned for one of the buttresses of the cathedral of Florence and was carved from a block of marble that had been partially blocked out by other sculptors and left outdoors. Michelangelos Statue of David is the perfection of the most famous sculpture in Florence and perhaps in all the world.

Since its debut in the early 16th century artists and art connoisseurs alike have admired the piece. In 1501 Michelangelo was commissioned to create the David by the Arte della Lana Guild of Wool Merchant who were responsible for the upkeep and the decoration of the Cathedral in Florence. Considered one of art historys major masterpieces the marble sculpture showcases both the artists skill and the fine art focus that defines the Renaissance.

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Donatello was the first Renaissance sculptor commissioned to make a statue of David in 1408. David David is one of the most exquisite Renaissance sculptures made during the early 1500s. Originally commissioned by the Opera del Duomo for the Cathedral of Florence it was meant to be one of a series of large statues to be positioned in the niches of the cathedrals tribunes way up at about 80mt from the ground.

The young hero is seen from the front dressed in robes with the head of Goliath victoriously at his feet. Donatellos David was incredibly innovative when it was produced as it was the first known free-standing nude statue created since antiquity and the first unsupported standing work in bronze that was cast during the Renaissance. David is a masterpiece of Renaissance sculpture created in marble between 1501 and 1504 by the Italian artist Michelangelo.

David is a 517-metre 170 ft marble statue of the Biblical figure David a favoured subject in the art of Florence. Michelangelos defiant David statue has captivated the world for centuries.

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